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Verilux bulbs
"The item works great. I'm just not sure where to dispose of the old one it replaced!"
Weldon L.
This is a great question - thanks so much for reaching out! We do recommend recycling them, and many hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes offer free recycling programs. This website describes how to recycle bulbs as well as helps you find the nearest location when you enter your zip code: Let us know if you have any other questions. We're here to help! - Verilux
Let there be light!
"Love the look, simple, clean. AND love the light."
Charlene M.
Glad I got my replacement bulb!
"I love my Happy Light and use it all the time while working on my fine art. It makes a big difference in my life and I couldn’t survive winter without it!! "
Lisa R.
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for sending the picture of your art, it is beautiful! Everyone in Customer Service absolutely loved it. We're so glad that our HappyLight can help you create such incredible work and appreciate you sharing it with us. Best, Cathy - Verilux
Verilux happy light
"Outstanding customer service with a broken bulb. My son has received it as a gift and immediately replaced the bulb and used it the last few evenings. He is thrilled to have it and would recommend it to others."
Walt M.
merchandise not received
"I loved receiving the lamps. But I never received the replacement bulbs I ordered. I have contacted customer service twice. Still don't have the bulbs. Would like this issue resolved by either sending me the bulbs I paid for or crediting my account."
Mildred W.
Happy light
"Very good. I think it really does help the depression."
Dennis V.
Love my new floor lamp
"It took me a couple of weeks to take this unit out of the box and set it up, and put my broken Verilux floor lamp out on the city street (where it disappeared immediately). I’ve only used the new one for a few days, and I love it! The two intensity settings are great; I thought I’d need it on ‘high’ for detailed knitting, but find that the lower setting is just fine for that. Thank you for making a full-spectrum ‘task’ light that’s metal & looks nice enough to use in my living room."
Karen M.
Awesome light.
"I love the light. The bulb was easy to install. Awesome"
cynthia s.
"I've used these bulbs for years and will continue!"
Cathy A.
Review of Heritage National Spectrum Task Floor Lamp
"The lamp was quick and easy to assemble. It provides such wonderful bright light that enables me to enjoy reading again! This is my second Of the Heritage type floor lamps. Now I have one in my bedroom and one in living room."
Barbara R.
"I have only had it a short time but so far I love it! The real test will be when winter comes back around!! But so far so good!"
Mariann C.
Great Lamp
"Once assembled it’s a great lamp. Thought assembly instructions were confusing. Looks great with my leather chairs. Fits well in a compact space."
Marcia F.
This is a game a changer!
"I purchased the Happy Light after a couple of friends kept swearing by it. My father suffered from SAD and I’ve known for years I was also affected. I’d never understood why in early fall I’d always feel an almost overwhelming sense of doom. I live in the Midwest so we get hit with less daylight early on. I’ve now been using my light since the first of February and the change was nothing short of amazing. Overall a really improved sense of well-being. Much less midday sluggishness. Way more mental alertness and for me increased focus and less forgetfulness. I can’t attribute that to anything other than the light because I haven’t changed anything else in my lifestyle. I can’t say it has made a difference in my sleep patterns but for some people maybe it does. I just noticed the huge daytime difference. I love the size and ease of popping it in my suitcase and use when I travel. It works just as good in a hotel room as it does at home. I do 30 minutes of the brightest light each morning. I’ve not felt the need to do more. I haven’t felt any side affects of maybe too much light. My results might be uncommon, I certainly can’t speak for other people who have used it but for me it truly has been a game changer. I couldn’t recommend the Happy Light more. The price is great. The light is really well made. I love it."
Kari Z
"I have a "happy light" that I use every morning with my breakfast when it's a cloudy day. I believe it's made a difference for me. A couple of weeks ago, my rambunctious kitties knocked it off the breakfast table and I thought I would have to replace the whole unit. But just unscrewing the top screws revealed that it just needed the right size CFL. It arrived yesterday and, although it's very sunny now, it was easy to install the bulb and it works just fine. Thank you for you quality service."
Cathy M.
Floor lamps instead of nightstand table lamps
"I've had Verilux floor lamp on "my" side of bed for years. Talked husband into 1 when we got new furniture. I couldn't rate until furniture was set up. Now that new bed is in, lamp works great. Downside is that stand has solid back and can't place lamp where I want, but it fits between bed and stand and base fits under side of the stand. I like more light intensity adjustments on new than my old one has."
Judy S.
Very Pleased
"Ordering online was easy, the lights arrived quickly, and we are happy with them so far. Still too early to detect whether our moods are improving but we are confident they will be as we allow these lights time to work"
Richard T.
FirstLight purchased
"I'm loving the effects I like the size but the leg I'm going to call it a leg that holds it up is a little too straight it falls over way too often. So overall positive just maybe redo the leg that holds it up it's too straight and it falls over all the time. It was a pleasure dealing with your company no problems product was delivered on time.. it was priced where I could afford it. Thank you"
Debra L.
"Bright, last very long, great customer service"
Sunny K.
"Very nice, sleek design. I love it. It takes up less space than my old one. And the button to adjust the color type and level is a great addition. Very happy. This is my second verilux happy light. I am very satisfied with the product. Your support staff is excellent! I talked to 2 people and they helped me trouble shoot trying to fix my old lamp. Thank you for everything. Keep up the great work! Annette Johnson"
Annette J.
Happy Light
"Shipping was quick. Instructions were easy to follow. Love it!"
Vermilya, D.
Verilux Replacement Bulb
"While the cost of shipping is a definite put off, I was glad to have my light working again. Thank you Verilux. S. Elliott"
Sarah E.
Easy to use and assemble. Lighting is comfortable
"Really like that it remembers the last setting when you turn it on. Good desk and reading lamp."
Roselyn J.
"excellent all is well"
Robert G.
Verilux bulb
"It was very easy to find my way through this site to order a specialty bulb. Loved the quick, personal response and timely receipt of my order. I will order from here again, and am very happy."
B R.
"The UV wand is excellent, a very good product. and fast delivery. "
What a cool lamp!
"This replaced my old Verilux lamp that required the 4-bulb light fixture. This new lamp is really neat. Streamlined, sleet, easy to use and lots of ways to have it produce the light (low to high light, different types of light, etc.). Very happy."
Light bulb
"It arrived quickly and was exactly what I needed."
Deborah C.
HappyLight Full-Size
"Love the item!! Fast shipping, so glad you used UPS, they did an excellent job protecting it from all the water we had in our area, don't change shippers!!"
Lori B.
Great light total game changer
"I was skeptical at first, but after a couple of mornings with my coffee for about 30 minutes, I can totally understand why people love them. I really don’t have SAD, but I read it could help reset you sleep clock. I’m sleeping better than I have in a long time. So happy my Mom turned me on to your products. "
Deborah R.
Verilux replacement bulb
"Good. Customer service: Excellent!"
Danny S.


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