Customer Reviews


Easier Mornings
"When my alarm goes off and the sun hasn't come up, the first thing I do is flip on my HappyLight and move pillow close to the bedside table it sits on. 20 minutes of bright light exposure make it so much easier to jump into the shower. I've never been a coffee drinker, but I've always had afternoon office sluggishness. Maybe it's confirmation bias, but I swear the middle of the day is easier. I like this. It was worth $30. Even if it's the placebo effect, and I don't think it is. I just feel like I'm dragging my heels less this time of year. "
Cassidy B.
"I ordered it for a neighbor who has been using it.I haven’t talked to her since I put it together.But I have one just like it and it love it"
James E.
Helps revive the soul during the bleak winter months......
"Easy to install and a must in my home. Full spectrum lighting is life saver."
Terry R.
Great Product
"My Happy Light is small and portable. I take it everywhere. The light is bright and it really helps me keep going in the winter with the short, cloudy days."
Craig S.
Fixed lamp
"Was advised that possibly the lamp needed a new ballast. Bought a new one from Verilux. Lamp now works perfect."
Richard P.
LED Modern Floor lamp
"Excellent so far.Easy to assemble and love the light."
Mark H.
Great service replacing bulb
"I've enjoyed my Verilux desk lamp for many years. It was easy to order a replacement bulb that was delivered to my house within 5 days. Great service."
George E.
Great replacement light bulb, great service!
"Excellent - so pleased to have the HappyLight working again. Super helpful sending correct bulb to Canada, pretty speedy too."
Marilyn S.
Love it!
"I’ve been using it each morning this week and I feel more energized, I feel my sleep has improved, and just overall a more positive mood. Thank you!"
Amanda B.
My second lamp
"Love this style lamp and the light it produces. My second. My first is 5 yrs old. Fast shipping & great product."
Janice E.
Sanitize wand
"Excellent product "
Gary G.
In love!
"I use this every single morning while I do my yoga and it sets the tone of my entire day. It’s pretty bright so I have it at an angle and I never look directly at it, but after a week I can tell the difference in my attitude and outlook!!"
Andie L.
"My expectations were more than met. I was able to read comfortably which made me really happy. Verilux is an awesome company"
Christopher S.
Replacement Bulb for portable desk lamp
"The bulb came just in time before our snowstorms and bitter cold!! I've used it every morning and truly enjoy it!!"
Lynn C.
"This product works and is not expensive--"
George O.
Best Customer Service I've encountered.
"I like the lamp and when it failed, I sent a picture of the problem to the help desk and they promptly sent me a new one without my having to return the old. They even offered me an additional freebie from their catalog but I didn't take them up on that."
Lois R.
One of my fav happy lights
"We have a free Verilux products and this one is our favorite. Great light output ! "
bulb replacement
"Came in good packaging so it wasn't damaged during shipping. Easy to install. Great customer service, emails promptly responded to providing correct information."
Deanna H.
Amazing Brightness
"Needing to adjust to the light, as I feel like a mole! My cousin gave me some hints about adjusting: just turn it on when I get up and go about my usual living. In other words, don't sit still in front of it - move around. I can't imagine how many times brighter it is then regular Seattle light. Thanks!"
Caroline O.
Bulb Replacement
Perfect Little Light
"I love using this lamp! It is super bright and does its job! Great for home or work!"
Catherine R.
Great for our needs
"It's small and simple to use. Light weight and customizable."
Courtney M.
"Better than expected! Changed my whole morning for the better"
Matthew Riley
"It is easy to use, takes up very little space. Have used it only couple days but husband & I can notice a little improvement in mood & energy."
Millie McPeek
"Thank you. I've recommended your light products several times & will continue. I'm using it right now!"
Tim Watson
"Very well made, stylish, very bright. I love the dual light mode, myself preferring the yellower light to the bluer light. Nice to have the options. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights themselves, although I'd imagine for the use for SAD you'd need to put it on full brightness. It is lightweight, and very portable. Almost like an iPAD in size, so fairly unobtrusive. I use it in the morning while doing my scripture study, both helping me in my struggles with the lack of sunlight this year in the Midwest. Since the LEDs will last far longer than the previous generations fluorescents would, I feel the price for this product is well worth the extra bit you'll spend for the features you get."
"Thank you. It was easy to remove the former and to insert the replacement. It now works fine."
Roger Bullard
"It is exactly what I wanted and as advertised.."
Roger Waite
"Great so far and am already noticing a difference"
Amber Lynn Palmer
"can't count to 2588888888"
Clement Burlingame


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