Customer Reviews


Great 👍 product so far
"So far everything as promised and great quick delivery."
Xavier F.
"I purchased two of these "Happy Lights" for my home and my family is delighted with their appearance and their "effect" on our "affect!""
Frederick J.
I’m a believer.
"Indiana is gloomy. In the winter the sun doesn’t even come up until everyone is at work and school. This has helped everyone in the family wake better & sleep better. I’m getting ready to buy it for my brother since he travels overseas & tends to get really jet lagged. Thanks for a great product!"
Charla S.
Did the job!
"I needed a new bulb for my standing Ott Light. I tried one from another company, and the connection was poor. The Verilux bulb brought reading back to my bedroom!"
Karen A.
Smart light LED Modern floor lamp
"It was easy to assemble, easy to adjust where light was shining, and color and brightness. Nice to have all those choices. Good product so far...have only used it for a few days."
Ruth C.
Excellent light!
"Its perfect for my SAD. Its the second one I own, this one is to keep on my desk at work and helps take those winter Wisconsin blues away!"
Nick H.
Excellent product!
"I absolutely love it! It meets and exceeds all my expectations. Reasonable price, super-fast shipping. The light is perfect for my hand sewing, it is easy to turn on and off, and I wish I had bought one long ago!"
Jill A.
Second Verilux Purchase
"I really like the bankers floor lamp style. I purchased 1 a few years back and just purchased a 2nd one that sets by another easy chair in my living room. These lights are great for reading and task work"
Michelle H.
HappyLight Lucent
"This is a great light. It is not big, but it is powerful. We have had a lot of cloudy days and it definitely helps with the winter blahs."
Margaret M.
Great Device
"I got my unit ( a few weeks ago and it has been very therapeutic. "
Greg J
verily floor lamp
"I’ve had it for quite a few years & just recently ordered a new lightbulb & it’s back in use and doing fine. "
Adrienne G.
Happy Light Lucent
"I use my Happy Light Lucent about an hour per day and I feel more complete and composed, less grouchy and irritable after each use. Also, very handsome unit for the price, high-quality materials."
Andrew H.
desk lamp
"LOVE LOVE LOVE this desk lamp!"
Kenneth J.
Awesome light!
"This light is small and compact bit packs allot of happiness, have used it everyday and it's been great! "
Joe A.
Happy Light
"This is not the first light that I've purchased. This one is probably the 3rd or 4th. So I've found this Happy Light excellent in it's reduction of SAD."
Ruth S.
Very happy with my HappyLight
"I love my new HappyLight. "
Benoit B.
Verilux Floor Model LED Lamp
"Bought this one for my mother. I have an older one; I am ordering a new, LED for myself now! The Verilux name indicates the product is excellent."
Clint S.
it was a gift,will see
"it was a gift,will see recipent on Sat and let you know"
esther s.
So glad to have my light back!
"It was easy. Not hard to install."
Janice W.
So glad to have my light back!
"It was easy. Not hard to install."
Janice W.
Replacement bulb
"Bulb arrived in good shape and not too long. I am pleased with your service. Thank you."
Judith T.
Amazing Light Amazing Support
"We are So HAPPY! We live in Minnesota. Our light is insufficient and having a portable light supports our family so we don’t get sad. We are not officially diagnosed but rest assured we struggled with the light. Thanks Verilux we are HappyLight Happy!"
Chris C.
Smartlight LED lamp
"We love this lamp. It highlights what we are reading or working on. Putting the light just where we need it. We are very satisfied."
Marilyn M.
Happy Light review
"I really like my light. I need to use it for about an hour but I enjoy it. So does my cat. I highly recommend this item."
Heather M.
Excellent product. Very satisfied.
"Excellent product. Very satisfied."
Marvin T.
Desk lamp
"The lamp was for my husband and he absolutely loves it. We have the floor lamp also at the recommendation of our eye doctor and are so pleased with it as well. It is a great product."
Sue W.
Verilux Floor Lamp
"The floor lamp is great and the different settings help achieve the right lighting requirements for reading, crafting, etc. Very good product!"
Jules D.
27W Floor Lamp
"…shipped quickly…great lamp, my 2nd one..."
Myron S.
Great Service and Great Price
"I bought my verilux lamp in 2006. The original bulb finally wore out 2 weeks ago. When I saw the bulb I thought I wonder what that will cost. I found my original paperwork for the lamp and there was a website address and a card to order a bulb. It was $19.95. I went online to order the bulb and much to my amazement it was still $19.95 13 years later. I ordered it. It was shipped immediately and was here a couple days serice. Excellent experience. "
Suzanne M.


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