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This 27 watt bulb can be ordered from our website here, on Amazon or at a local retailer, including Bed, Bath & Beyond or local hardware stores. Make sure to call retailer first to confirm that this product is in stock.

Our products can be ordered from our website and Amazon, and they are often found in Bed, Bath & Beyond or local hardware stores. Please call retailers in advance to confirm inventory.

If your lamp is not working, please email or call customer service for further assistance. We do not repair lamps but can help you troubleshoot your lamp or assist you with your warranty if applicable.

There are two lenses included with certain HappyLight® models - a high energy lens for full brightness and the comfort lens for a diffused light. The two lenses allow you to customize your light therapy experience and use what works best for you. We recommend adjusting the lenses to see which one is most comfortable and effective for you. 

Many HappyLight® models offer a high and low intensity control. If you are facing your HappyLight®, the far left is high intensity (II) and the far right is low (I).

No, the light emitted from the HappyLight® is full spectrum white light. It is what we refer to has “healthy light” and is UV free.

Because of the orientation of the floor and desk lamps, these lamps do not provide the same amount of light intensity as the HappyLight®. Although the desk and floor lamps are great for sensitive eyes and used for task lighting to increase productivity, the HappyLight® is the best solution for light therapy. 

Light therapy typically has the best results if used anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, specifically in the morning. However, light therapy is an individual process and there are variables with usage and user. So we recommend starting with 10 minutes and increasing your sessions until you find the amount of time that feels best to you. 

10,000 lux is the recommended light intensity to use for light therapy. We have found that there are many variations that effect the light's intensity including your distance from the HappyLight®, its angle, the time of day that you use it, and how long you use it for each day. Therefore, we recommend experimenting with your HappyLight® to find the distance and intensity that is right for you.

Before using light therapy, we recommend consulting with your eye care provider.

Full visible spectrum light, which makes a bright white light.

On our Light Therapy page you'll find an overview of the science behind light therapy. Each HappyLight® comes with a Product Manual that walks you through how to use your specific HappyLight®. You can also find more information about using a HappyLight® in our store. Lastly, there is helpful information in our Comparison Guide that explains the different choices you have when it comes to selecting a HappyLight® that's best for your lifestyle.

Light therapy has been known to help mood by keeping your circadian rhythm in check. Like any type of treatment, responses to treatment may differ. We always recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning light therapy.

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