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Libraries with HappyLight Spread Happiness

Verilux has teamed up with local libraries to make light therapy available & convenient across the United States. 

Get your daily dose of healthy light while reading your favorite book, catching up on newspaper headlines, or checking your email. Simply turn on your HappyLight, do what you love, and get happy!


If you haven't heard of light therapy before, it's a clinically-proven & natural solution for alleviating the winter blues and improving mood, energy, sleep & focus throughout the year.* In parts of the mainland U.S., as many as 20% of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, so if you suffer from the change of the seasons, you're certainly not alone. The good news is that light therapy can help!

*Always talk to your doctor before using light therapy as it is not recommended for people with certain pre-existing conditions. 

    HappyLight Liberty Mid-Size Light Therapy Lamp



    Get Started With This 2-Minute Video

    To get started, simply grab your favorite book or newspaper (which you can read while using a HappyLight), and then watch the video and read the instructions below. In this quick video, you'll learn...

    •  Why sunshine is good for you

    •  How a HappyLight works

    •  The benefits of using a HappyLight

    •  How to get started with a HappyLight


    If you would like to expand the video, click the box in the lower right corner once the video starts.



    When to Use the HappyLight


    Start With 10 Minutes

    Turn on the HappyLight for approximately 10 minutes. If the light causes any discomfort, stop using the lamp & consult a doctor. 

    Bright sun shining - icon

    Then Increase Your Time

    It is recommended that you use a HappyLight 20-30 minutes a day, but some people leave it on as much as an hour. Find the comfort level that's right for you.



    Sunlight is at its most intense in the morning, so its a great time to use a HappyLight. Use a HappyLight for 20-30 minutes in the morning before noon. 



    Sunlight intensity begins to lessen as the day goes on. Use a HappyLight for 10-15 minutes in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up and to beat the afternoon slump. 



    Avoid using your HappyLight in the evening. If you notice you have trouble sleeping (like you had too much coffee), cut back on your usage during the day.



    Spread Happiness

    Warren Library - a HappyLight Library



    Joslin Memorial Library - a HappyLight Library


    Share a picture of the HappyLight at your library!

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    HappyLight on Instagram

    Andrea has fun basking in the glow of her HappyLight! Note: make sure watch the video above for how to set up & use your HappyLight. 

    Request a Library Donation

    If you would like a HappyLight donated to your library, please fill out this library donation request form. We fulfill donation requests on an ongoing basis and will be in touch once a HappyLight becomes available for your library. 

    *Please note that we can only make donations when they are requested by library decision makers with a valid library email address, and we will confirm the donation before sending.

    **Please make all other community outreach requests via the Contact page. 


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