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HappyLight Replacement Bulbs


For optimal effectiveness and safety, replacement bulbs for Verilux® products should be purchased through us or one of our trusted retailers. Verilux® Natural Spectrum® bulbs are the highest quality & emit light that you can count on. 

  • FULL SPECTRUM - Intense, white light that brings daylight indoors
  • HEALTHY & SAFE - Natural light without the harmful UV rays
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Verilux® bulbs last up 10,000 hours 
  •  $14.95 - $49.95

See below for which replacement bulb to use with your HappyLight®.

26 watt bulbs (CFS26GU24VLX) are used with the following HappyLight® models:

  • HappyLight® Liberty Compact Energy Lamp (VT10)
  • HappyLight® Liberty 5000 Select Energy Lamp

36 watt bulbs (CFML36VLX) are used with the following HappyLight® models: 

  • HappyLight® Liberty Mid-Size Energy Lamp (VT15)
  • HappyLight® Liberty Full-Size Energy Lamp (VT20)
  • HappyLight® Liberty XKS Energy Lamp (VT15C)
  • HappyLight® Liberty 10K Energy Lamp (VT20WW1 & VT20WW1R)
  • HappyLite® 4500 Mini Ultra Light Therapy System
  • HappyLight® 6000 Energy Lamp

The HappyLight® Deluxe Energy Lamp (HPLD) uses 2 unique 36 watt bulbs (CFL36VLX2):

  • Both bulbs should be replaced at the same time to ensure balanced light
  • These bulbs are sold in packs of 2