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All Replacement & General Use Bulbs

Our general use and replaceable lightbulbs provide healthy, natural light without emitting harmful UV rays. Everyday tasks become much more enjoyable with full spectrum bulbs that bring daylight indoors. When using our lightbulbs in desk and floor lamps, they provide the clearest light for reading, artwork, crafts, and other hobbies. Simply put—healthy, full spectrum light allows you to see details and colors more accurately without straining your eyes. When using our full spectrum bulbs in your HappyLight® Therapy Lamp, they also mimic the intensity of sunlight to improve mood, energy, sleep, and focus.

We first started replicating natural daylight in our bulbs over 60 years ago. As the innovators of this technology, our products have a long history of being the best available on the market and each one has been developed with the utmost care and attention to our customers’ needs.


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