HappyLight® Luxe - Champagne Gold

Enjoy the uplifting power of bright light therapy with the HappyLight® Luxe Light Therapy Lamp. Designed to boost your mood, improve your sleep, enhance your focus, and kickstart your energy, HappyLight® Luxe safely brings daylight indoors by emitting a bright white light that mimics sunlight. The daily dose of 10,000 LUX you get from our light therapy lamps can make every morning a little bit brighter. The ultra-sleek and thin design looks great on tabletops and can even be mounted on a wall. Personalize your settings with the 4 brightness levels, 3 color temperature settings, and countdown timer to fit into your daily needs and routine. Enjoy rejuvenating light therapy on your terms with the HappyLight Luxe from Verilux. 

  • BRIGHT LIGHT THERAPY: HappyLight® Luxe delivers up to 10,000 Lux of UV-Free, LED, full-spectrum light for effective, safe, and natural light therapy that’s free from glares, flickering, and hotspots
  • A DAILY DOSE OF SUNSHINE: Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood, increases energy, and enhances focus so you feel revitalized throughout the day
  • PERSONALIZED SETTINGS: Customize your experience with 4 brightness levels, 3 HappyHue color temperature options, and a convenient countdown timer that is programmable up to 1 hour, in 5-minute increments. Plus, the detachable stand and wall mount gives more flexibility to add your HappyLight® to your daily routine.
  • PORTABLE & PRACTICAL: The ultra-thin tablet design with detachable stand and wall mount makes HappyLight® Luxe portable enough for use at home or on the go. It’s great for combating seasonal blues, insomnia, and sunlight deprivation for shift workers, office employees, seniors, or anyone in need of more sunshine.
  • LIFE IN A BETTER LIGHT: As the leader in healthy lighting for more than 65 years, and as the creator of the original HappyLight®, Verilux® is here for you with live support from our U.S.-based team and an industry-leading 3-year warranty

User Manual: HappyLight® Luxe User Manual

*Please consult the manual for usage recommendations and cautions.





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