Top Benefits Of Light Therapy


Regular exposure to natural sunlight is a key part of our health. Compared to indoor lighting, natural sunlight is more than 100x brighter and without it, can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle. Bright light therapy is a sunlight substitute that helps fight winter blues, restless sleep, low energy, and lack of focus.


Light intensity, measured in Lux, should be at 10,000 to mimic a bright sunny day. HappyLight delivers LED, full-spectrum light that is safe, healthy, and effective. They are UV-Free with no glare, flicker, or hot spots to provide an enjoyable light therapy experience when you’re indoors.


Our eyes are engineered for the lighting conditions outside. Light receptors in the retina send happy signals to our brain when experiencing outdoor light. HappyLight is a safe light therapy lamp that, when used regularly, can help improve sleep, boost your mood, increase energy, and enhance focus, leaving you feeling revitalized.