Give the Gift of Happy This Year

Give the Gift of Happy This Year

With the holidays on the horizon, you may be racking your brain to find the right gift for loved ones. Or, if you're like a few of us in the Verilux office, you're planning on completing your holiday list in a one quick, online shopping sprint while sipping some eggnog on your couch (thank you, Internet!). 

However, no matter where you are in your holiday shopping, you can't go wrong with giving the gift of HappyLight®. After all, who doesn't love feeling happier and in a better mood all year long? HappyLight - in the spirit of the holidays - is the gift that spreads smiles with each one you give. 

The best part about giving HappyLight® is there is a model for everyone - from your techy college student to your young-at-heart parents to almost everyone else in between.

This year's HappyLight® Holiday Gift Guide will help you figure out which model is perfect for each of your loved ones - and provide you with a little extra something special as well (because let's be honest, you certainly deserve a reward after making it through your holiday shopping list!). 

Perfect for Trendsetters & Jetsetters

HappyLight® Touch LED

The Touch is the latest and greatest in the HappyLight® family.It was created with comfort in mind and is totally customizable to fit anyone's needs. You can change the color and adjust the brightness which makes it perfect for people wanting the flexibility to try out different light settings to pick what’s right for them. Also, its sleek, durable design makes it the ideal travel companion. It fits perfectly in a satchel or carry on and makes for a great office assistant, mother's helper or gym buddy.

Features: 2 color settings, 3 brightness settings, long-lasting LED, portable, detachable stand, touch-operated

Price: $79.95

Perfect for Busy Bees & Office Mates

HappyLight® Lucent LED

The HappyLight® Lucent is a smaller, simplified version of its LED cousin the Touch. It can squeeze into small spaces with ease and remain discreet when turned off. It loves typically tight spaces such as desks, dorm rooms, bathroom countertops and make-up tables. The Lucent's simple design also means that it's lightweight and keeps purses and backpacks comfortable when on the go. But don't let its size fool you - it's still packed with 10,000 lux of bright, energy-boosting light. Like all HappyLight models, however, it is UV-free meaning that the light is safe for your skin.  Just delight in the sunlight - sans sunscreen - and soak it all in. 

Features: Long-lasting LED, portable, detachable stand and simple on/off touch button

Price: Was $49.95. Now $44.95

Perfect for Armchair Travelers & the Sun Sensitive 

HappyLight® Full-Size

The HappyLight® Full-Size is all about options, options and more options. Its feature-packed design allows for a personalized and comfortable light therapy experience - even for those who are most sensitive to light. Perfect for a side table in a living room or next to a cup of tea on a kitchen table, this light therapy lamp is all about getting your R&R on. Plus, it's stood the test of the time as our oldest model and is frequently recommended by psychologists and clinicians. For those looking for a classic light therapy lamp, look no further. This is it.  

Features: High/low brightness switch that's simple to operate, Comfort Lens, High Energy Lens, wall mount, tilt adjustment and replaceable compact fluorescent bulb

Price:  Was $99.95 Now $79.95

Perfect for Savvy Students & the Light Therapy Newbies

HappyLight® Compact

The HappyLight® Compact is the perfect model for people who want to try out light therapy for the first time; particularly, if on a tight budget or are new to light therapy. With over 1,200 reviews on Amazon as well as being Amazon's Choice, the Compact puts wallets and minds at ease. It's named the "Compact" for its small footprint and ability to fit snuggly into cozy spaces. Though not as thin as its LED cousin the Lucent, it's still sufficiently small enough for desks and other tight spots. 

Features: Compact size, budget-friendly and simple on/off switch

Price:  Was $39.95

A Gift for You, Too!

Free Magnifier When You Purchase A HappyLight


*One free gift with purchase. Offer ends December 31, 2018 @ 11:59pm EST.

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