Healthy Stay-At-Home Tips!

Healthy Stay-At-Home Tips!

It's a pretty crazy time - and you might be stuck at home as a result of self (or obligatory) quarantine measures. As schools, stores, and entertainment facilities close (even Disney is shut down, DISNEY!), staying at home is going to be the norm for a while.

Stay healthy (and hopefully not too bored) with these tips!

Try A Little Home Exercise Routine

Woman doing yoga with her baby

Your gym might be closed, which is fair because, even in the best of times, they are THE party spot for all kinds of germs. If it's not, it still might not be the best place to go hang out. Don't worry - there are still plenty of things you can do from home!

Here is a great set of 53 bodyweight exercises that you can do at home!

You will stay fit (or hey, you might even take this as an opportunity to start a new habit), happy (HELLO endorphins), and more entertained!

Read That New Book On Your List

woman in bed reading a book with cup of coffee

You know the book, the one you have been putting off on reading. Heck, it may have been sitting on your nightstand for a few weeks now! Besides, reading will help you disconnect from social media and the TV which, likely, aren't creating a lot of inner peace at the moment.

Eat Healthy

Preparing dinner on a cutting board

It is SO easy to resort to some comfort foods if you are stuck at home. As difficult as it is, try to resist the urge to snack on that bag of chips, chocolate, popcorn, candy.... oh, sorry, you may have caught us in a hungry moment there!

The point is, stick to real, fresh foods if you can. Substitute that chocolate or sweet for some fruit, the chips for some thinly sliced and baked veggies, and popcorn.. Well, popcorn is OK if you aren't adding a ton of butter to it and eating a reasonable portion (let's be reasonable here).

Break Out Your HappyLight®

Woman sitting in front of a HappyLight

We always need bright light, and a HappyLight® routine is important to establish even when life is "normal", but it's even more important if you are staying at home.

So, break out that HappyLight® and get in your daily dose of bright light. If you don't have a light therapy lamp, now might be a great time to start! Here's a great guide on what to look for in a light therapy lamp!

Hang Out With Friends - Via FaceTime!

Two girls talking on video chat

Being at home all day can get pretty lonely, but it doesn't have to be! Instead of mindlessly scrolling through facebook or instagram and Liking your friend's posts, why not give them a call? While a traditional phone call or text is great, it isn't the same as seeing the other person. Lucky for us that we live in a time where we can video chat! There are a ton of options out there - Facebook messenger (yeah, it has a video chat option), Skype (old school, but it works!), FaceTime (Looking at you iPhone users), or even Whatsapp (if you don't use this, you definitely should).

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