My Story: Kate's Severe Case of Winter Blues

My Story: Kate's Severe Case of Winter Blues

Kate lives in rural New England, and suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). A long-time HappyLight® user, she talks about her struggle with S.A.D. and how light therapy has had a positive impact on her life. 

"Fall in rural New England conjures up the familiar images of vibrant foliage; roadside stands dotted with pumpkins and a crisp cool feeling in the air. But for me, early as September is marked by the waning hours of daylight and dreaded anticipation of the shorter gray days ahead.

Light boxes have helped me throughout my annual bout of S.A.D. for a number of years.

My usage spans my early S.A.D. diagnosis in high school and later on the magnification of S.A.D’s symptoms postpartum as a young mother giving birth to a February baby. There’s a definitive cumulative effect to seasonal depression which makes late winter a knockout punch of dread and make me want to hibernate even on the rare sunny day.

I have tried the larger light boxes including ones that literally look like a giant box filled with a pattern of fluorescent tubes - they are like bulky behemoths that feel like they are shouting back at me with an overbearing presence in winter. But light boxes from Verilux® have a pleasing design that’s easy for me to incorporate into my early morning routine. The smaller design is no less powerful and I find in the throes of winter it’s hard to overdo my daily light therapy session. 

Sitting in front of the bright white light gives me a good feeling. It is a sensation I look forward to and know it’s contributing to an improvement in my overall mood, energy level, and positive outlook."

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