Lamps for School & Studying

Verilux Smartlight for Dorm Rooms & Studying

What's the best way to set yourself up for success this school year? Having good study habits and the right tools in place to help you succeed, of course. Our family of SmartLight Task Desk and Floor Lamps are the perfect study buddies - helping you stay focused for longer periods of time with healthy, good-for-your-eyes full spectrum light. HappyLight® Light Therapy Lamp also makes a great addition to your desk or your dorm room. It's a student's favorite companion on those dark, winter days when it can be more difficult to get to class on time. It's lightweight, LED design means you can also pop it in your backpack to take it with you to the library or even home over break.

One thing's for certain: Using full spectrum light - whether it's a SmartLight Task Lamp to help with studying or a HappyLight®️ Therapy Lamp to help with mood, energy or sleep - is an integral part of school year success.