SmartLight LED

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Light that's always just right.

Desk & Floor Lamps ~ stylish as they are functional

Our Energy-efficient LED lamps provide the bright light intensity for your important tasks, hobbies & crafts while also providing an ambient soft light for your home. Create bright light for tasks & warm light for ambiance.



Easy on the eyes with flicker-free, full-spectrum light for visual clarity & color rendering


Multiple color modes & levels of brightness. Read, study, relax or sleep.


Focus longer on arts and crafts and other hobbies with bright natural light like daylight.


Long-life & power-saving LED means you save money. Plus, no replacement bulb needed.

SmartLight LED Benefits

Best Uses

Hobbies and best uses for smartlight led lights


Adjustable gooseneck helps you focus on intricate work for a range of hobbies; i.e., model construction, jewelry design, crafting, quilting, needlework, puzzles & more.


Let the true color of your creative work shine through with full spectrum light that mimics daylight.


A wide swath of full-spectrum light for detailed and intricate handiwork like knitting & crocheting.


Set the adjustable color temperature & dimmer to a level of light that’s comfortable to minimize eye strain & fatigue.

Task Lighting Tips

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