HappyLight Full-Size™ Replacement Bulb


Light therapy just the way you like it! This 36-watt replacement bulb works for your HappyLight Full-Size™ light therapy lamp (sold separately). The bright light gives you all the benefits of daylight without the harmful UV rays. Plus, our Verilux bulbs last up to 10,000 hours*!

Single 36 watt bulbs are used with the following HappyLight models: 

  • HappyLight® Liberty Mid-Size Energy Lamp (VT15, VT16, VT18, VT19)
  • HappyLight® Liberty Full-Size Energy Lamp (VT20)
  • HappyLight® Liberty XKS Energy Lamp (VT15C)
  • HappyLight® Liberty 10K Energy Lamp (VT20WW1 & VT20WW1R)
  • HappyLight® 4500 Mini Ultra Light Therapy System (VT03)
  • HappyLight® 6000 Energy Lamp (VT05)

*10,000 hours is the Average Rated Lifetime of the bulbs based on testing. Some bulbs will last longer than the average and some will stop functioning earlier than the average hours. External factors impacting bulb life include environmental temperature, excessive cycling on and off, humidity, vibrations, and any other condition that differs from the controlled lab environment in which the testing is conducted.

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