10 Reasons Why Daylight Savings Time is Awesome

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Daylight Savings Time feels like a landmark for the Fall and Spring. While we spring forward and, technically, “lose” an hour, it isn’t all bad (ok, we admit, it sucks a little to lose that hour of sleep, but it’s definitely doable!).

Here are 10 reasons why Daylight Savings Time is actually pretty awesome.

1. Spring forward

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Daylight Savings Time isn't the only thing happening this month! The first day of spring is March 20 (yay!) and, while it may not yet feel like spring where you are, warmer days are just around the corner. Instead of thinking of the spring forward as losing an hour of sleep, try changing your perspective. Think of it as a leap forward into those amazing spring and summer months!

2. Days are getting longer

Kiss those winter blues a good long goodbye. After a winter of short days (where you may or may not have actually seen daylight), longer days are a welcome blessing! Buh Bye dreary winter, we will NOT miss you.

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3. It’s going to start getting warmer

Put those jackets away! OK, maybe don’t put them away yet (yeah Canada, we’re looking at you). But, it’s definitely going to start getting warmer - so, maybe let’s just start with a lighter jacket. Don’t worry, pretty soon, it will be shorts season!

4. Turn off the heat, open the windows

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It might not be ideal for this every day, but on those warmer days, try turning off the heat and throwing those windows open for some fresh air! After a winter of dry, heated air, your body will definitely thank you for it!

5. Sunshine!

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This one DESERVES an exclamation. While the sun has been playing peek-a-boo all winter, we’ve been over here not at all amused by the antics. The sun is back (cue those longer, warmer days) - the perfect opportunity to soak in all those rays full of Vitamin D (but seriously, don’t forget the sunscreen guys). Don't forget that bright light is still pretty important - so when you aren't getting sunshine, make sure you keep up with your light therapy routine!

6. More outside time

Are you noticing a trend here? Now is the time to take advantage of the weather (and your acclimatization to cold temperatures) and get outside! Enjoy the outdoors - maybe even take your exercise routine outside when you can!

7. More fresh fruits and veggies

For you foodies out there, we know this is your favorite one. We know you have suffered all winter with slim pickings in the produce area, but spring is nearly here and you can enjoy all your seasonal favorites!

8. Picnics

Mother and son enjoying a spring picnic

A picnic is the perfect opportunity to get your outdoor time. Now that there are lots of fruits and veggies to choose from, you are all set to go! So, prepare your favorite foods, grab a blanket (and maybe a frisbee) and head out to some green space for a fun, spring picnic!

9. Trees, flowers, and baby animals

Spring is basically the time of year where everything actually starts to look alive again! Trees start to get their leaves, flowers blossom (sorry everyone out there with allergies, but hey, at least it's pretty outside!)... and did we mention baby animals (so cute!).

10. Bye cold season (All you parents out there must be SO relieved!)

Maybe you made it through the whole winter without a cold (congratulations!!), but chances are that you didn't (especially parents of young children). The good news is that, as winter comes to an end, cold season starts to wind down (and we couldn't be happier about that!).

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