Dorm Room Ideas To Help You Shine This Year

Dorm Room Ideas To Help You Shine This Year

Going back to school is a great time to set goals for the school year. Maybe you want to study a little more, incorporate some healthy and easy college meals into your routine, or make time for meeting new people and hanging out with friends.

Whatever your unique goals may be this school year, we know how important it is to set yourself up for success. So in honor of Back to School 2017, we're sharing our dorm room checklist to help you shine all year long!

Item #1: HappyLight to Keep You Smiling


HappyLight Compact Details

Once the excitement of a new school year wears off and the seasons start to change, it can be hard to keep up your energy and focus. You may even notice that you're sleeping for extended periods of time during the day, loading up on carbs, or just don't feel like yourself as the days get shorter. These can be symptoms of "winter blues," and the cold season can particularly challenging for new students who are experiencing a new climate for the first time.

The HappyLight helps you be your best all year long by combating negative effects caused by the change in seasons (and in the northern climates, those long, long winters). If you've ever experienced a case of the winter blues while at school or just dread the winter in general, this light therapy energy lamp is definitely an item you're going to want to have in your dorm room this year. 

A HappyLight fits right on your desk or bed stand, and you can use it for just 10-30 minutes a day while you're writing a paper or catching up on Instagram. It just may be the simplest thing you do all year, but it has substantial positive effects on your mood, energy, focus and even sleep.   


Item #2: Tazza Productivity Lamp to Get the Most Out of Your Study Time


Tazza Productivity Lamp

One of the most difficult parts of studying can be staying focused and alert (particularly, during finals when you have a number of exams to prepare for at once). Using a full spectrum lamp that gives off bright light like the Tazza Full Spectrum Productivity Lamp can help you stay awake and focused when you're pulling a late night study session or rolling out of bed to cram a little more studying in before an early morning exam. 


Item #3: ReadyLight Solar Power Flashlight for Off Campus Adventures 


ReadyLight Solar Power Rechargeable Flashlight

No school year is complete without a good adventure like a road trip or backpacking trip, and the ReadyLight Solar Power Rechargeable Flashlight goes with you on every adventure. It's durable, water-resistant, and has long-lasting batteries because it's powered by the sun.

The carabiner hook allows you to attach it to your backpack or travel bag so it can go with you on all of your off-campus adventures -- or even when you're just walking back to your dorm late at night. Plus, parents love knowing you're never walking home in the dark. 


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